Roadmap is a magazine about work.

Work is what we do—whether paid or not, a 9-to-5 or a side hustle, a calling or an obligation.
Our purview is as much line cooks as it is lines of code, daycare drop-off as it is hockey-stick growth, housework as it is desk job. We are focused on individuals: the human experience of being a person who does work in a role, in an organization, in a life.

Published by Allma—the startup building a new way to work across tools, systems, and paradigms—Roadmap is editorially independent. We’re not trying to sell you anything. Instead, we are trying to make something—reporting, essays, interviews, advice, comics, poetry, and fiction—worthy of your time.

Roadmap lives online and publishes new work on a rolling basis. We pay $0.50 per word for reporting and a flat $200 for all else. Send your ideas, along with relevant clips, to We are a small team and appreciate your patience in getting back to you.


Editor in chief
Molly McArdle

Copy editor
Andrea DenHoed

Jen May

Uyen Vu

Tyler Nieman
& Ryan Zec