Comics won't just break your heart

On the unforgiving economics of making comics—and cartoonists’ efforts to change them—in the wake of #ComicsBrokeMe

What the EU AI Act might mean for European startups—and everyone else

The EU offers supercomputer access to companies who meet their guidelines for responsible AI

Is there an indie games bubble?

And does it matter if it bursts?

First Person

You deserve a tech union

The designer behind the concept of responsive web design advocates for a new way of thinking about—and organizing—tech workers

Ritual brilliance

How a pair of Shrek ears shaped Linden Lab culture by making failure funny—and safe


Nathan Eagle did a complete a bit flip on AI

The founder of Jana and Granted AI—and a pioneer of using cell phone data to better understand human behavior—shares what he’s seen from his front row seat in the field of artificial intelligence

Chase Strangio can be a law freak

The pioneering ACLU attorney and trans rights activist talks about the law’s role in harm reduction—and its limits on the imagination

Can Duruk is thinking out loud

The Felt CTO and Margins coauthor talks about building company culture, democratizing mapmaking, and writing about it all


Ask a Founder: Should I start an AI company because that’s where the money is?

It’s a tired trope, but a true one: do what you love.

Private Channel: How much free work should you do for a job interview?

Try to spend your time only on the jobs you want (or need) most

Private Channel: How much is too much surveillance at work?

For employees, you can accept the policies as presented—or quit.


Teach 'em early

Children's lit meets capitalism

Ben Stiller, workplace auteur

The director of Reality Bites, The Cable Guy, Zoolander, and Severance is a consistent critic of how American labor works

Recession story

"After a few weeks of emailing, I did it. I got a stupid job."


Our kin keep disappearing

"We're gonna ask the boss’s boss to lean in a little closer"

Ancha (Redux)

"my dead work each place"


"My pencils are sharp / And my paper is real"


The albatwitch chorus

What if …a witch had …an intern?

An anecdote

“Anyone can tell a cool anecdote though.”

At the hospital, they are in love

"It’s their little secret, their sexy little secret, that they are in love"