"My pencils are sharp / And my paper is real"

July 13, 2023

I eat meat

From the glass box

Soon the interview will begin


The walls are a moldy salmon color

That’s the first thing you will notice

When you enter


I have a whole cabinet full of teeth

Taken from the mouths

Of my immortal enemies


My pencils are sharp

And my paper is real

The rings on my face exist knowingly


You asked me to fight

By coming in here

But I am basically a pleasant person


Nevertheless I need you

This place is sort of crumbling

Can’t you tell


I smile

In my wastebasket

Are crumpled up poems


I wrote one for you

But I already

Have it memorized


You’ll like the part

Where I win over everything

Including the moon

This is the end mark. You have reached the end!

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