Our kin keep disappearing

"We're gonna ask the boss’s boss to lean in a little closer"

November 17, 2023


Today, We're gonna ask the boss’s boss to lean in a little closer,

We workers, could burn every bank down to communicate 

                                the importance of Mortality.

See, We know you know, 

                                you can’t take it with you, so,

Fuck a raise, or a title-change. Hand over the property,

the ocean, the sea, and all that plastic you hide behind.

Keep your dusty crumbs of compromise,

              We are liberating the panaderia and promise you,

We are not asking anymore.


Today, We’re gonna give the boss the truck, the forklift, the uniform,

the office, the hat, the apron, and all that capitalist crap-government back 

so the boss can understand, 

                                                                the importance of Solidarity.

Billionaires be burned out of existence.


Fuck repatriation, hand back the bodies & belongings of our ancestors,

the teeth, the gold, the continents, and all that repose you have saved up.

In fact, hand over the whole economy mirage,

all that idle-anger, energy, and inheritance.

                                We are not asking anymore.


I keep calling in sick, catching survivor’s guilt in ever-colonized futures. 

I keep going over every survival strategy that’s been handed down to me.

I realize, 

I want to more than just survive, 

                                                                                                        I want to live.

This is the end mark. You have reached the end!

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