Recession story

"After a few weeks of emailing, I did it. I got a stupid job."

June 9, 2023
Page 1: "A few months ago, I woke up in a tent."
Page 2: "I ended up being kind of rude to everyone, which I feel bad about."
Page 3: "After a few weeks of emailing, I did it. I got a stupid job."
Page 4: "I've had a prescription to Adderall since I was 15."
Page 5: "The only bathroom is weird."
Page 6: "Everyone has different expectations and rules for the weird bathroom."
Page 7: "This poor rando."
Page 8: "The new plan is for me to move in LA in October."
Page 9: "Kay said she wants me to move."
Page 10: "Once you knock and hear silence, you have a choice."
Page 11: "I told my family I'm moving again."
Page 12: "I'm ok."
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