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Comics won't just break your heart

On the unforgiving economics of making comics—and cartoonists’ efforts to change them—in the wake of #ComicsBrokeMe

What the EU AI Act might mean for European startups—and everyone else

The EU offers supercomputer access to companies who meet their guidelines for responsible AI

Is there an indie games bubble?

And does it matter if it bursts?

An ideal employee

Akil Kumarasamy’s debut novel, Meet Us by the Roaring Sea, offers a fresh portrait of female disaffection

The guilty pleasures of Cillian Murphy

After decades of work investigating the masculine conscience, the star of Oppenheimer dares approach the white-hot shame at the center of everything

Ken’s last movie

Funded by a lifetime of Mattel money, the Ken doll’s namesake (and son of its creator) didn’t have to work a day of his life. Still, he made Delivery Boys

Gaming's warped mirror

Gabrielle Zevin's blockbuster novel Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow captures the contradictions of the video-game industry—and commits the same oversights

Worn out

A sociologist walks into clothing store—and encounters the low-tech anguish of fast fashion’s high-tech scheduling

Restaurant workers be like

Meme makers capture the laugh-cry flavor of hospitality work at a time when the industry is experiencing great precarity—and more visibility than ever

Going for broke

How Twitter under Elon Musk makes plain the limits of luck