All my terrible tech sons

In Burn Book, Kara Swisher looks back at a journalism career close to—and critical of—power. To what end?

A clean house

The economics of CleanTok and making domestic labor public

No strikes again

On labor in Las Vegas and the true costs of the Super Bowl

First Person

The inverted miracle of accidents

A senior scholar at the National Academy of Engineering explains why human error is a symptom—not the reason—for most safety failures

You deserve a tech union

The designer behind the concept of responsive web design advocates for a new way of thinking about—and organizing—tech workers

Ritual brilliance

How a pair of Shrek ears shaped Linden Lab culture by making failure funny—and safe


Hal Daumé III is a language person

The University of Maryland professor and Microsoft principal researcher on why we should stop worrying about autonomous AI systems and start thinking more about building systems that help people

Alexandra Mateescu has a complicated relationship to data

The Data & Society researcher on the uses and misuses of workplace data—and why nothing is inevitable

Lucas Liebenwein wants a scalpel

The machine learning scientist thinks a lot about AI tooling—and failure as a guide to success


Ask a Founder: Should I sell my company or keep trying to grow?

A sale happens not because you want to sell, but because someone wants to buy

Ask a Founder: How do I hire someone and have them succeed?

Founders can make or break a company, and getting over oneself is the key

Ask a Founder: How do I bring my team together after a reduction in forces?

The challenge is that there’s no finish line


The trusted colleague

"Right under your silly noses the whole time!!!"

Teach 'em early

Children's lit meets capitalism

Ben Stiller, workplace auteur

The director of Reality Bites, The Cable Guy, Zoolander, and Severance is a consistent critic of how American labor works


Two poems

Erasures of handwritten notes taken at a job investigating workers' compensation claims in the insurance fraud industry

It’s sandwiches all the way down

"This is my body / working for money"

Our kin keep disappearing

"We're gonna ask the boss’s boss to lean in a little closer"


Return to the apocalypse

The ultimate offboarding

The albatwitch chorus

What if …a witch had …an intern?

An anecdote

“Anyone can tell a cool anecdote though.”